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My name is Jessica Messer. I am presently a married, SAHM to 2 beautiful little girls, Gracie Leigh and Hope Lenae.  I am 27 years old. I recently started running again (March 5, 2012)  and on my way to running my very first half marathon in the fall (October.) This is a blog where I can process and document life but also encourage others that are walking the same journey as well.  My goal is to fulfill a promise the Lord gave to me in February while on my treadmill (Read my first blog) to run a marathon in the Spring of next year. My passion for running began in high school cross country.  I remember how great it felt to get out there and just run. Coming from a very unstable household was hard growing up, but having that release as a teenager was very helpful. When I ran, all the negativity disappeared and a passion and drive took it's place.  I lost this passion as the years had passed, but I never forgot how great it felt. So now, after finally giving up a closet smoking habit I am ready and stronger than I have ever been to run after my dreams. 
Check out my first 2 blog entries to read more about me:

My first 5k since High School April 28, 2012
High School Cross Country

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