Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little over a year ago...

Week 18... I am near the finish of marathon training!!! This has been an amazing experience.  I have had an amazing coach to lead and teach me along the way.  The taper is playing with my emotions, I am enjoying the extra rest but I kind of feel "on edge" like I have built up energy.  I know that is good for the marathon on Saturday, so I am taking the runs slow and easy paced just as Coach Erin has directed me to. I am sooo excited, I can already envision myself at the start line and already have the butterflies.  I reviewed the course map over and over again.  I've read reviews on the marathon and watched you tube videos.  My mind is in a good place.  I'm not doubting myself one bit.  I have done the work and I have proof!! The training plan Coach Erin made for me is long and full of hours and hours of running!! It's all there!! I KNOW I can do this. 

There is also the very emotional/ reflective woman in me that has been in tears because I am actually doing it!!! I am running a marathon.  Last year, the same weekend (April 28) I ran my first 5k since high school. and now, a year later I am days away from running my first marathon!! Tears of pure joy!!

I wanted to share with you all my vlog post from a youtube account I set up last year.  This was in middle March, when I finally stopped smoking.  I was so special for me to be able to look back on this and see how far I've come!!

Take a look!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something special...

Well ONE more week until the marathon, can you believe it??!! It seems like the time flew by.  This journey was not easy but it has been worth it!! I ran my first ever 20 miler two weeks ago and I have to say that I feel ready for the marathon.  I am very excited and overwhelmed with joy!! :) God is Good!! I had decided for the marathon I wanted to buy a necklace with Grace and Hope's names and also something to remember my babies in heaven.  I researched a couple of running websites and the prices were extremely high for necklaces that were custom made.  So I decided to create my own special necklace for this special day.  I went on eBay and searched "angel wing charm."  I found a listing for 2 angel wing charms and contacted the seller to ask if she would add one more and she gladly added it free of charge.  (a total of $3.23)

In memory of my babies in heaven

My 3 angel babies
So as I said before making a custom necklace can be pricey.  I am all about finding a good deal (it's kind of like a challenge for me.)  After looking at some websites, I decided to start browsing Etsy.com.  I came across a store called "Classy Commotion."  This store specializes in affordable hand-stamped gifts.  After looking at a couple of pieces, I decided to contact the seller, Jen to ask her if she would make a custom piece for me.  I was immediately contacted back with a yes.  So here it is!! I paid $12.99.

Isn't it beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!! Here is a pic of both of the pieces together:

Since I plan to run with these charms, I bought some 16" silicone cords on Ebay as well (4 for $4.79 )

And of course, I HAD to take some pics of it on me!! :) 

I have done my longest runs with the necklace on and it has felt very lightweight and comfortable.  I LOVE it!!  After wearing it, it is best that you put it back in the sealed bag it comes in and if it gets dirty, Jen provides a buffer/directions on how to care for it.  Having this necklace makes the marathon even more precious.  I run for my babies, they inspire me to do things that I never thought I could do. Here's to my babies, I'm running this marathon for you!! 
<3 love u,