Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 1 Done!!

I don't know if it's just me but having a schedule that I can look at and focus on has been good, it's only been 1 week into this plan and the mileage is not too bad but looking at the first week marked off feels GREAT!! It was a struggle to wake up in the morning and I can honestly say I woke up ONCE to go run, and the rest of my workouts were on the treadmill or in the afternoon heat of GA (which I will never do again!!) 
While running on Sunday which was my long run for the week (5 miles) I really took time to reflect on my week and what I could change, how to plan better, etc.. but I also focused on the fact that I really felt like even though I didn't wake up every morning, I STILL got it done, and I feel like I put in 110% in every workout.  Many will agree that running is a mental sport, especially long distance running.  For me, every time I put on my shoes, I know that there WILL be a battle in my mind. The best feeling in the world is overcoming the negativity and getting it DONE, winning the Mental Battle, which in turn, makes me feel stronger for the next run.  I know that I am very far from being where I want to be but I know that if I work hard at it, I WILL get there. One of the cool things during the week while trying to attempt an interval workout on the treadmill while my girls were napping:  My 3 yr. old Gracie, woke up (she is always very curious about things mommy does) I didn't make her go back to sleep, I just allowed her to sit on her chair and watch mommy run.  I gave her the job of holding my towel and water.  After each interval, I would have her come over and hand me the towel and water... you could see how important she felt, being involved in my workout.  A while later, Hope (my 1 yr. old) woke up and wanted to be involved as well, so Gracie gave me the towel and water and Hope collected it from me when I was done.  It was just one of those moments during my week where I felt really proud.  Even though they are young, it made me feel good to know that they are seeing mommy work hard to reach her goals.  I might just continue to do my interval training on the treadmill so that they can be involved.  Overall, the first week was tough, ( I am also in the process of potty training) and keeping up a house, entertaining/teaching/caring for my girls while attempting to train for a half marathon is tough but it has been done before and I CAN DO IT!!!
I LOVE this saying, I seriously need to print this out and put it somewhere in my house.  Take it ONE day at a time, Put 110% effort in your training, OVERCOME the battle (even if its in your mind) !! :) LOVE IT!! :)
Next thing you know it, you've reached your goal, ready and stronger to reach another...then another!!!

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