Wednesday, August 7, 2013

After the Marathon...

I've heard of people having a sort of sadness, depression after a really big race.  I can honestly say I felt that.  When I crossed that finish line, it was a big moment for me as I had mentioned in my previous post. It was the moment that God's promise was fulfilled!! It was probably one of the bravest things I have done in my life running 26.2 miles 8 weeks pregnant because I lost my first baby at 8 weeks pregnant and then lost my twins at 9-10 weeks pregnant. Whenever I cried out to God before the race, all I ever heard Him say was be brave. 
When I came home, I was pretty sore for the next week, nothing serious, just normal soreness.  No blisters, or injuries!!! It took a while for me to get back into a running groove again, mostly because I was at battle with my mind.  I was scared to run, I didn't wanna loose this baby. I googled and researched for hours about running while pregnant. Little by little, I started to feel discouraged and depressed, I knew I had to get out of this funk.
 I began to get more involved in the local mom's running group that I lead and started having weekly group runs.  Cheryl, who is co-leader with me began to take me under her wings and get me out there in the mornings to run, which I am so thankful for, I definitely needed that extra push.  Once I got into a good routine, I felt like I was back!! Once I felt better, I realized the best thing for me to do was to sign up for some races to stay accountable.  Here is a list of my races I've ran since pregnant with the ST. Jude RNR Marathon being the first.

2. May 27- Memorial Day 5k
Placed 3rd in our my group with a time of 28:27. 12 weeks prego.

Marietta Moms Run this Town
#3  July 4- Peachtree Roadrace 10k
Completed the 10k in 1:11 at 17 weeks prego
#4 Aug 3- Run for Wounded Heroes 5k
Completed the 5k in 29:57 at 22 weeks prego

Honored to run for Team Sgt. Wade Brigade
 In April, I ran 121 miles, May: 39, June: 65 and July: 80!!! Seeing this number on my training log really gave me a confidence boost.  I have already ran 500 miles this year and if I keep my mileage to 25 a week, I will hit 1000.  So far, so good.

The next race I have on my calender is the Alien Half in August 17th.  I signed up for it a long time ago so that I could continue to do my long runs during the weekend.  This is what I have planned to wear.

Future Races:
Sept: Hot Lips Hustle
Oct. Silver Comet Half Marathon

Not only was God fulfilling a promise that He gave me a year before but He was also restoring my faith, and showing me that even though this pregnancy was a big surprise, it was supposed to happen this way. That way I would not only grow in faith of God's promises but also run through fear of pregnancy, fear of miscarriage, fear that my body will never be able to carry another child again.  ALL that for me!!

AND I didn't have to stop doing what I absolutely LOVE!! Running is my time with God, my therapy, where I find peace.  I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to run while pregnant.  It has been an amazing experience. 

Me and baby Faith are doing great! She is pretty active though, I wonder why... :)

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