Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alien Half Marathon (August 2013)

It's been a while, but Im pregnant with 2 chuldren under 5 so there is mercy! :)

The last time I wrote I was just getting ready to run the Alien Half Marathon which was on August 17, 2013.  My training had been going well, but the last couple of long runs were very uncomfortable after maybe mile 7-8, even with the maternity support belt that I wore.  It would come to the point where I would have to walk because of pelvic pain.  I still wanted to do the half marathon and was very much looking forward to it as Pam Burrus, the founder of Moms Run this Town, was gonna run it too and she is pregnant too! Her plan was to do run/walk intervals and I decided a couple of days before the race that I would give them a try along with her.  Before that, I had been running through the pain until, well the pain was too much to bear and then I would be forced to walk. I remember talking to my hubby and telling him that I was just gonna take it nice and easy and just enjoy the race.  I carpooled with Cheryl and Allison who I did most of my training with. It was the first evening half I ever did and was so thankful that that evening was nice and cool, last year it was super hot!!

Cheryl, Me and Allison

 We got there pretty early to beat parking problems and check out the booths, the great thing (for me) was that there was REAL bathrooms at the park which was nice.  I can't tell you how many times I visited the restrooms.   I felt great, of course has some race day jitters but felt good.  Moms Run this Town also had a both where we met up for some group photos.

Pam, Me, Cheryl, Allison and Laura

I was really excited to run with Pam for the race and also very interested in the intervals she has talked to me about.

Twinsies!! Pam is due Nov. 4 and I am due Dec. 8th going on 6 months pregnant

The race was great!! I had such a great time, the route was flat and shaded, there was lots of water and a great crowd.  The intervals we did were 1 minute run, 1 minute walk.  It took a while to get used to it, but once I got in a groove, we were chatting and enjoying the race before I knew it we were already half way done!! AND I had no pain like I had been experiencing during my training.  I felt great the whole way through.  I could not stop talking about how great I was feeling during that run.  It made me very excited to know that I could maintain my long runs during this pregnancy (before I had discovered the intervals, I was ready to say goodbye to them.)

We completed the race in 2:42.81.  My goal was to complete it in 3 hours or less.  I was actually pretty happy with my time as the last couple of long runs took longer than that.  I was really amazed at how great my body felt!  

When I finished the race, I was not overly sore or in pain as I had been feeling after my long runs.  I left the race super excited because I had discovered the intervals and that was gonna allow me to continue to run! I really thought that this was gonna be my last 13 miler until baby was born.  This was in August!  I have been able to maintain 25 miles a week with one long run (8-10+ miles) using the 1:1 intervals. My body actuallly recovered really fast after this half marathon.  Pam and I got alot of high 5's and encouragement along the race route.  This was truely a great race, can't wait to do again next year!! 

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