Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 2013

Here are some September events and moments I wanted to share, and again (Late post) but I get grace cause I am pregnant!! :)

Gracie, (my oldest daughter) started at half day preschool in September.  She was so ready for school and enjoys every minute of it.  This has given me a couple of hours alone with Hope which is much needed at this point, since Faith will be born in a couple of months.  I was able to borrow a single jogging stroller from a friend and take her on weekly runs with me, which was alot of fun.

My Hope ready to get a run/walk in!

There were days where I could run/walk about 6 miles with her in the jogging stroller and she would sit quietly looking around and also humming and singing to herself. :)


Moms Run this Town of Marietta finally had our first ever Meet and Greet/Moms Night Out.
Cheryl and I got supplies together to make MRTT wine glasses filled with yummy chocolate and I made wine charms to attach to the glasses. We had some giveaways and raffles as well.  Road Runner Sports in Marietta hosted our Meet and Greet and had some yummy snacks and drinks for us as well as great discounts.  We then headed over to Marlow's Tavern for food and drinks.

Cheryl and I (Marietta chapter leaders)
Group PIC!!
Moms Night Out at Marlow's Tavern

On Sept. 11th, I decided I would join the runner community and Run to Remember.  I did run/walk intervals and spent that time reflecting on life and praying for the families that lost loved ones that day. 


Check this out: THRIFT SHOP SCORE!!! My new FAV coffee cup!!! :) I can't tell you how excited I was to find this!!


And of course: Birthdays!! I turned 29 this year and on the same week I turned 29 week pregnant!!

AND My sweet Hope Lenae's 3rd Birthday was on the 29th!! :)

During the month of October, I was able to log in 111 miles!! This was the most logged since April (last month of Full marathon training) so I was pretty proud of myself!!

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