Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's BEEN Going ON!!!

It has been a long while since I have wrote, my apologies, but I have a very good reason!! Let me explain!!
I completed my marathon in April 2013.  I ran the St. Jude Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN.  It was the most amazing experience of my life!! It rained (POURED) the whole time and I loved every painful minute of it... why you ask?  Because I didn't run it alone!!!!!!

I ran my very first marathon that I have been dreaming of since high school, trained my butt off all through winter with a little bun in the oven!! YUP that's right, 2 week before the marathon, I started feeling SUPER tired... but I didn't think anything of it since I had been running ALOT.  I also missed my period, so I went and got a pregnancy test and lo and behold POSITIVE!! I went to the Dr. and it was confirmed that I was indeed prego!! My next question to the Dr. was of course, can I still run this marathon, and without hesitation the answer was yes.  But in my heart, I have to confess, I was so scared.  Having had multiple miscarriages made me feel like I needed to stop everything I was doing and just sit on my couch until the baby was born.  I had a really hard time.  But after praying and talking to my husband and friends, I went for it!! I remember while running the last training run before the marathon, I always pray and talk to God and all I could hear Him say was to Be Brave.  So I did it, I was brave and I ran that marathon in the pouring rain 8 weeks pregnant!! :) Here are a couple of pics

The day before the race, I was able to find a "Running for Two" tank from One More Mile, the back says "You've just been passed by a pregnant lady!"  I got alot of compliments about it during the race!!! 
This was right at the end of the marathon
It took all the energy that I had to hold up that medal!!
 I finished the marathon in 5:45.02, It was not what I had hoped for in time but for me, just finding the strength to run the marathon is so much bigger!! I felt like I broke through walls in my heart and in my mind.  I didn't let fear overcome my thoughts, instead I believed in the promise that God  gave me a year ago and I ran that marathon in faith that it would be completed with no harm to myself or the baby!!!

I cried at the end, I was so tired, I definitely hit the "wall" I could barely walk to the car and when I sat down, I had to move my legs into the car with my hands.  I showered, ate and slept for a long time in the hotel while my husband took my girls out for a while.  I woke up still sore but with such joy in my heart!! I DID IT!!

With that said, I am now 22 weeks pregnant, running strong with a baby girl (FAITH) in my belly.  We are currently training for a half marathon in a couple of weeks. All is well and this pregnancy has been amazing!!

More to come!! :) I've got lots to tell about running while pregnant!!

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